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 Are you someone looking for unique clothing items that you can flaunt on all occasions and events? Well then, it is quite obvious that you are always on the lookout for stores that can offer you the best not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of designs and looks. While most stores, whether online or offline, offer what’s in the trend, some tend to be different and offer something that can make you stand out amongst the others. Gratefully Threaded is one such store that has always made the best efforts at being different from the crowd.

Located in San Francisco, Gratefully Threaded is a Women’s Clothing company that is independently run and specializes in offering out-of-the-box and handmade clothing that is sure to please anyone who is looking for fashionable clothing that makes a statement for itself. Each clothing item that you find at the store is uniquely designed by the owner herself or USA handmade collaborators who utilize their creativity and inspiration to come up with designs that can not only appeal to your liking but also give you a look totally different from all others.

Not only does the store offer designs that are totally exclusive, it also uses the best fabrics to create clothing items that feel super soft and comfortable that creates a plush and luxurious experience. Add to that is the fact that all clothing items offered by the store are totally handmade which means that each item is meant to make you feel loved and pampered. Whether you choose a regular wear item or beach wear, you are sure to get something that has been created with much effort and love, making clothing available at the store a prized possession of any woman.

 Clothes apart, you can also buy accessories and jewelry of different kinds to compliment your outfits. These are totally handmade as well which makes the perfect fit for the lovely handmade clothing that you buy from the store. Gratefully Threaded has now collaborated with other creative and talented clothing and accessory designers from all around USA to bring to you a huge collection of fantastic clothing and accessories –all handmade with love. The store’s main priority is customer satisfaction and comfort which is why only the finest of the handmade products find their way to the collections at Gratefully Threaded.

Shopping at Gratefully Threaded is also an easy affair. You can pay using credit cards or PayPal and get the item delivered within 1-5 days if you are in the US. For international shoppers, delivery time is within 2-5 weeks. Returns and exchanges are made easy for you if the products fail to match the quality standards and comply with the return/exchange policy.

So, the next time you are looking to revamp your wardrobe with something nice to pamper yourself, make sure that you shop at Gratefully Threaded and get yourself some of the best women’s apparel and accessories that you can hold dear.


Immersed in creativity, I have been sewing and making one of a kind pieces for myself for several years. After receiving such loving support from friends and family, I decided to share my love of fashion with the world!


Since my brand’s launch in 2011, Gratefully Threaded has remained true to our festival roots while expanding our reach worldwide. A true free spirit at heart, and inspired by my travels and experiences throughout the world, I have threaded my visions of beauty into unique and comfortable clothing.

We believe quality CAN mesh with comfort; fashion CAN  be affordable and the unique SHOULD be CELEBRATED.


We look forward to having you wear a garment from Gratefully Threaded.


Proud to work with such amazing, extremely talented and creative TIE DYERS

that are tie dying unique pieces hand crafted by the owner herself.

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Gratefully Threaded will now also feature handmade creations from other talented designers located in the United States of America. If you're a designer and would like to be apart our team, please contact us for more information